Why it works

we pride ourselves on providing approximately 90% accurate options trades


We developed what we believe to be well approximately 90% accurate options trades.

Every day our software and strategy scans the entire index and gives us accurate buy signals according to this strategy. Below is it’s performance on the Russell 3000 Index.



The strategy is highly accurate and results in great trades in any market.  Give us a try!

Remember in the options market their are many different variables. By no means are we or does accurateoptions.com claim to be any sort of financial advisor or anything of the sort.

We simple offer great recommendation through a membership area. It’s simple, effective and most importantly accurate

Yes, we do trade these exact trades our self. We really do.

Please keep in mind commission, option pricing and many other factors play a  role in trading. Please trade options at your own risk.

Our members will get great trades that are approximately 90% accurate.


Accurateoptions.com gives customers like you a simple effective way to get 90% accurate options trades anytime 24/7.


Reminder – Accurateoptions.com is not responsible for any loss of capital that may occur for our customers.

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